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A better way to keep your Minecraft Server data safe.

We’re a new brand of hosting that’s not actually hosting Minecraft servers. We specialize in server backup hosting, we will connect to your Minecraft Hosts FTP and simply download your files to our systems on a day to day basis. There would be more options to frequently increase the number of backups daily as well as create a restore option. If your server ever breaks, we have you covered.

Get It Done With Us

With Avian, we try to provide better features then our compition, below are some of the features that we provide.

Great Customization

You can customize the panel with our settings option to set up the perfect panel for you. You can change things such as colors. 

Advanced Management

With our custom managment panel, you can do a variety of things that other providers don’t provide.

Modern Analytics

We’ve created a mordern dashboard to display the information about your service properly and also effectivly.


The services that Avian provides to our customers. We offer 2 kind of backup hosting services. The details will be listed below.


Frequently Asked Questions brought to our attention. We’ve written them down here to better assist you with common questions.

How does the free trial work?

You would register in our billing area and order the free trial service. Staff would manually have to approve your service and do a background check on your account. Once completed, you will receive an email with your new account being setup and the following instructions.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely, we don’t hold customers for any kind of contracts or early cancelation fees. All you would have to do is log into our billing area, select the product, then finally select request cancellation and type in your desired reason. Please note the refund policy in our FAQ.

What happens if I fail to pay on time?

If you failed to pay your service on the date due, your service will be suspended. It will remain suspended for 7 days. You will not be able to access your data during this period unless you restore your service. Failure to pay your service after the 7 suspension days will result in your files being hard-locked for an additional 7 days. An additional fee will apply to take your files while they are hard-locked. If a payment is still not received after the 7 suspension + 7 hard-lock days (14 days) from original due date, Files will be permanently wiped from our system with no recovery possible.

Whats the refund policy with my services?

You will have 3 days to get a no questions asked guaranteed refund. After that remaining period, we don’t grant refunds for any personal reason unless it is due to a fault with our service. You would have to contact our billing department to get it sorted out.

Whats the difference between Block and Mirror?

Block archive hosting is when our system stores your server from multiple dates. Since our system can do daily backups, you would have a backup from every day that you can restore back to. Mirror hosting is where our system copies your server files onto our systems like as a mirror of your server. If your main files get deleted we will have an exact mirror before your server has started. You can restore this mirror at any time using the recovery tool that we have.

What kind of support do you offer?

Our daily support times are 10AM-10PM EST. We currently provide ticket support about any problems you retain with us. We don’t provide personal support retaining personal opinions, we only provide support with inquiries/fault or setup relating to our systems. Any other kind of support will not be provided.